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Offering by partners

The Sightseeing Rotterdam team has builded up  a large network in Rotterdam. This network consists of various entrepreneurs and institutions in the field of leisure economy and tourism, civil servants and politicians but also with journalists and the media. In addition to exploiting the large network Sightseeing Rotterdam wants to bring  as much as possible work with fellow entrepreneursships in the port area and suppliers together. Because only by working together it is possible for Rotterdam to be more familiar on the map for tourists.

The cooperation brings guest many fun and inexpensive combinations on:


Splashtours offers a city tour of Rotterdam unlike any other. A tour in the unique amphibian bus is an unforgettable experience for young and old alike! The Splashtours tour of the city will take you to the most exceptional and beautiful places in Rotterdam, followed by the “splash”: a spectacular dive into the Maas River. Suddenly the bus turns into a seaworthy vessel, sailing down the river with spectacular views of the city skyline! The Splashtours Rotterdam city tour lasts about 60 minutes.

Segway Rotterdam

Travel through Rotterdam on a Segway. With this unique vehicle you will easily conquer the Erasmus Bridge and cover kilometres without getting tired. Find your balance and become one you’re your surroundings. Escape daily stress and enjoy the wonderful skyline of Rotterdam. You will be guided by an experienced guide. He will first give you a practical instruction. You will tour along all highlights of Rotterdam on a remarkable vehicle. No bridge is too high, no quay too long. An unique experience for groups, tourists and for you!

Lasergame Rotterdam

Come and enjoy a couple of lasergame sessions at Lasergame Rotterdam. You will be kept under fire in an incredible, mysterious setting! In a boat’s hold you will imagine yourself being in a true submarine. You will see and experience it everywhere. Challenge your friends, family or colleagues for a spectacular laser battle and experience the most unique laser sensation ever! Lasergame Rotterdam offers something for everybody: lasergame, nice children’s party, a spectacular bachelor party or un unforgettable corporate event. Select your desired game and engage in battle.

Restaurant De Zwarte Zwaan

Turn your outing into an adventure at sea at Restaurant De Zwarte Zwaan with its spectacular view of the Maas River. The restaurant is located at Parkhaven across from the Euromast (Parkhaven 9). Restaurant De Zwarte Zwaan is the ultimate venue for groups. The exceptional décor but also the relaxed ambiance, are unique. This is a place for singing, laughing, dancing and cheering. Because we say: the more the merrier!  We are happy to set aside a table for your family outing, birthday celebration, or meeting. Tastings are available at the Rum Bar.

Zwarte Zwaan Events

From company outings to bachelor parties in Rotterdam, and from a single event to a complete arrangement: Zwarte Zwaan Events will organize any imaginable water adventure for you! Select the arrangement that is perfect for you, or ask our team for a custom offer.

Escaping Rotterdam

An escape room is an experience that you really have to experience. Even the most peaceful-minded individuals or completely under the spell of the command. Escaping Rotterdam has two escape rooms at two different locations. In The Engine Room it is only about doing one thing, defusing the bomb. The Fantasy Room is all about confusion. The Office is a Break-In-Room, sneak into the office of shipping magnate Van Beuningen.

Segway Events

Segway events is the party for Segway tours. Segway events offer tailor-made tours in Rotterdam the Hague, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Nijmegen and Utrecht. Would you like to organize a Segway tour through another city? On request we will charge the Segways with supervisor towards you.

Visit Rotterdam

Visit Rotterdam Your Rotterdam Guide. We educate visitors like virtually around and show you the best places and coolest attractions. Visit Rotterdam introduces you to the city. Discover the best attractions in Rotterdam. A city plan was never so easy. With all the information in your pocket, you can only really enjoy all that Rotterdam has to offer! We also welcome you to our Visitor Centre at the Parkhaven in Rotterdam.

Pancake boat Rotterdam

The Pannenkoekenboot (Pancake boat) is situated in the same quay as Lasergame Rotterdam. During the round trip you will enjoy a wonderful view of harbour and city. You will observe a part of Europe’s largest container port. Amongst others you will notice large (container) ships, cranes etc. You will also observe many world-famous buildings. During the round trip you may eat as many pancakes as you like. You choose a natural, apple or bacon pancake and fill it with brie cheese, chocolate confetti, ham or whatever you like. No need to doubt; the next round you choose another pancake! The record is 15 pancakes.

Miniworld Rotterdam

Have you heard of Miniworld Rotterdam? Miniworld Rotterdam is a wonderful attraction for young and old alike. When you enter Miniworld Rotterdam, you find yourself in a miniature version of Rotterdam. Trains ride throughout the city. There is much to see: Miniworld Rotterdam is lively and fully in motion. Children can hardly believe their eyes, but adults can’t get enough of it, either. Not only do the trains ride, but the whole city in Miniworld Rotterdam comes alive, and you can see the city by day and night.

ss Rotterdam

Get to know the legendary ship the SS Rotterdam with the “Uitwaaien & Zwaaien” (Wind in your Hair) Tour. In the course of this tour, you will visit the bow and the bridge, have a look around the steering house and the below-deck areas, and visit the former sport decks and the stern. You can look around the cards room, the radio room and captain’s hut. This tour will give you a behind-the-scenes look at life on board a ship in the past. With an audiophone and map of the ship in your hand.

Midgetgolfbaan Parkhaven

The 18 hole miniature golf is situated at a beautiful, quiet location along the Rotterdam Parkhaven. Hidden among the greenery, next to the lovely Park, at the foot of the Euromast – this is a lovely setting for a round of miniature golf, or to enjoy something to eat and drink at the sunny outdoor terrace. Many delicious lunch and dinner dishes, as well as snacks, are listed on the Miniature Golf Parkhaven menu. It is just the place to relax after an invigorating round of miniature golf.


Euromast elevators take you to the viewing platforms at record speeds. From there, you will have spectaculars view of the ports, city skyline, and famous structures such as the Kuip, Hotel New York, and the Erasmus Bridge. On a clear day, the view extends up to 30 kilometers from the Euromast, and you can see Delft, Dordrecht, and Hoek van Holland in the distance. Do you want to go even higher? Step into the Euroscope and rise to 185 meters for a spectacular 360° view of Rotterdam.